Ecology and Innovation.

Recycling process is essential element in building new, eco-friendly economy in the world

DREMECO company was founded as a result of many years of activities and experience of people to whom searching for new solutions at recycling of raw materials became passion. Company’s mission is comprehensive consultancy in selection of machinery and assistance in implementing projects at recycling field mainly textile and plastics.

We focus on innovative solutions in recycling field which characterize by care for ecology.

Our goal is selection of optimal equipment and technologies to meet individual needs of each customer. Key for perfect selection of correct technology is understanding in-depth customer’s needs and that is most important for Dremeco team. Our customers will receive optimal offer. We cooperate with largest manufacturers of technologies for waste recycling. We kindly invite you to work with us and to get acquainted with the full offer of DREMECO. DREMECO.

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Our specializations.


We have years of experience in field of thermoplastic recycling.

Technology for textile recycling

We are building our offer on experience of the company which is manufacturing machines for almost 60 years in textile recycling sector.

Technology for non-woven production

Based on machines from experienced manufacturers we can offer state of the art non-woven production lines.

Technology for plastics recycling

We offer lines for re-granulation of post-consumer and post-industrial waste.

Bailing presses

Presses are designed to reduce waste volume by even 90%. It helps in land development and transportation.

Cutting and grinding

We have wide rage of machines allowing to cut, shred and split of materials.

Washing and drying plastics

Inżynieria, projektowanie i produkcja innowacyjnych i wysokiej jakości linii do mycia, suszenia i aglomeracji.

If you have any questions or suggestions we invite you to contact us. We will answer as soon as possibile..

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If you have any questions or suggestions we invite you to contact us. We will answer as soon as possibile. If you wish to meet with us in person to talk about services or technologies you are interested in, we kindly invite you to our office in Warsaw. Please confirm your intention before meeting with us by phone or by e-mail.

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ul. Bysławska 82
04-993 Warszawa

Phone: +48 531 705 702
Phone: +48 530 050 020