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Recycling is currently the most effective way of protecting the environment. Main rule is the proper selection of waste and then processing them into new products and we know how to do it.

Technology for textile recycling

We are building our offer on experience of the company which is manufacturing machines for almost 60 years in textile recycling sector.

Technology for non-woven production

Based on machines from experienced manufacturers we can offer state of the art non-woven production lines.

Technology for plastics recycling

We offer lines for re-granulation of post-consumer and post-industrial waste.

Bailing presses

Presses are designed to reduce waste volume by even 90%. It helps in land development and transportation.

Cutting and grinding

We have wide rage of machines allowing to cut, shred and split of materials.

Washing and drying plastics

Engineering, designing and manufacturing high quality lines.


We have years of experience in field of thermoplastic recycling.

Textile recycling technology.

Dell'orco & Villani

Company Dell’Orco & Villani is manufacturing textile recycling machinery for over 55 years. In that time it became one of the world leaders in the field of technology for tearing textiles waste and their machines work in all corners of the world. They make sure that 100% of textile waste is used again in a new processed form. Company is making state of the art complete lines for:

- opening and blending fibres which allows them to be used in next steps like:

Thermobonding, needle-punching, airlay and carding forming.

- recycling textile waste which allows to receive fibre. It can be achieve from waste of:
1. Used clothes
2. Furniture waste
3. Production cut off edges
4. Non-woven waste
To learn more about Dell’Orco please visit their website at:

Technology for non-woven production.


TECHNOplants company is manufacturer of machinery for non-woven field and they exist since 1984. Thanks to many years of experience and constant development it became leader in their field. They start with design and engineer and finish with commissioning and start-up of complete lines.

Over 30 years of experience gives you guarantee of reliable and efficient production lines.

Manufactured machines:
- thermobonding lines
- needlepunching lines
- cutting sections
- winding
- ovens
- Airlay
- lamination
- automatic wrapping
- palletizing

Producer is offering modern solution for obtaining fibre web, Airlay technology. It can not only replace traditional carding machine but also has many advantages over it. Airlay technology is much more flexible, allows to work in wider range of weights as well as can work not only with good quality fibres but also with materials such as:
- granulated foam and other materials
- dust
- short fibres
- natural fibres
- synthetic fibres
- recycled fibres

To learn about manufacturer’s offer please visit their website at:

Technology for plastics recycling.


Altero brand was born from merge of people with over 20 years of experience in plastic recycling and company Aranow Packagining Machinery with over 16 years history in manufacturing machines for packaging all over the world. Technical department of Altero gained their experience while installing and servicing machines and lines for recycling of plastics. ALTERO’s extruders are designed to work with difficult and wet humid materials thanks to combining precise filtration and sufficient degassing. They characterize by high efficiency while low energy consumption.

VELOX extruder was designed to reach highest capacity while working with most difficult to process materials.

Optimised to process: - pre-washed PE film (LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE)
- pre-washed PP film (BOPP, CPP, etc.)
- elastic plastics
- printed plastics
- humid plastics
- dirty plastics

OPTIMA extruder was designed for recycling post-production materials. Thanks to its compact construction ALTERO’s extraction line makes highest quality granules which can be used in processes of injection, blowing or extrusion.

Optimised to process:
- PE film (LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE) or PP (BOPP, CPP, etc.)
- granules
- hard plastic regrind
- Material without ink
- dry material
- clean material

Features of this model:
- direct feeding of material to extruder by hopper
- there is no need to compact material before, additional agglomeration is not needed. It helps to reduce cost and power consumption.
Technical advantages of ALATERO’s extruders:
- compact design
- high capacities
- double degassing
- highest quality components from suppliers like: Lenze, WEG, Siemens, ABB, Knodler
- cooling with thermal oil for precise temperature control
- infrared heating modules to reduce energy consumption by 60%
- Continious backflash filter to increase the service life of grids
- simple and user friendly customisable interface
To learn more we kindly invite you to the website of ALTERO at:

Bailing presses.


Baling presses reduce volume of accumulated waste even by 90%. This allows for economical use of space. By pressing waste we obtain bales of recyclable material which thanks to its size and weight are perfect for transportation. As a result we can not only eliminate additional costs of utilising of waste but also generate profit. Our offer includes modern and very universal presses of renowned Austropressen and Kavurlar companies. Baling presses available in our offer are distinguished by huge pressure force up to 300 tons. Kavurlar company was founded in 1982 and from the very beginning has focused on the production of high-quality equipment and implementing new, economical solutions. Company is manufacturing stationary and mobile presses for such materials like: textiles, paper waste, plastic, foam and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Presses from Austropressen company are working in over 40 countries around the world. Company manufactures machines for such materials as: cardboard, film, foam or aluminium. Fully automatic can bailers provide efficient solution for processing aluminium cans.We guarantee full satisfaction with use of our machinery. They are easy to operate and very intuitive but most importantly they provide 100% security while working. For more information and machinery, please visit manufacturers sites:

Cutting and grinding.


Lidem is leading producer of mills for soft materials such as: textiles, felts, films, big-bags, ropes, nets, strings, foams, fibers, paper. Lidem machines are characterized by very low power demand in relation to its capacity. These devices are easy at use and maintenance. Over 30 years of experience allowed manufacturer to refine machines to the last detail. Lidem is also leading manufacture of RollerCut device for cutting all rolled materials. In order to learn more please visit www.lidem.com/eng or contact us directly.

In addition we offer guillotines for plastic rolls from Austropressen. It is a solution which allows to cut the roll to remove the thimble. We have wide range of models that allows to cut rolls up to 2000 mm in diameter. For more information please visit manufacturers website at:

 https://www.austropressen.com/en/produkt_kategorie/reel-splitting-machines/ .

Agglomeration, washing and drying of plastic materials.


WiPa Werkzeug und Maschinenbau GmbH is a company in the field of tool manufacturing, engineering, machinery construction and construction of special purpose machines located in Stadtlohn, Germany. The company was founded over 25 years ago. WiPa design and manufacture machines as well as complete recycling lines for washing, separating and drying wide range of plastics. Wipa’s state-of-the-art machinery and facilities are equipped with selected components from well-known suppliers and are therefore prepared for future standards. Engineering, design and manufacture of innovative high-quality machines and systems is based on CAD-construction plans and our own machinery for all types of metal processing including CNC turning, grinding, drilling and milling centres. Quality and reliability are the core characteristics of WiPa’s products.

Range of our offer includes:

– Agglomerators
– Washers and dry cleaners
– Compactors
– Centrifuges
– Siloses

WiPa’s lines are designed and tailor made for individual needs of the customer and according to newest technology standards – Your complete project will be handled by one company. In order to learn more about WiPa we invite you to visit their website https://www.wipa-germany.de/en/about-us/ or contact us directly.


We have been active in recycling of thermoplastics for many years. Knowledge of the market, customer’s needs and access to waste gave us opportunity to produce many kinds of regranulates. We cooperate with recycling companies working on the most modern technological lines. In our offer we have regranulates of: PS, PP, LDPE, HDPE.

We buy various types of post-production waste.

Our regranulates are characterized by:
– constant high quality
– high purity In case you are interested in our products,
we will be happy to send you detailed material cards.

If you have any questions or suggestions we invite you to contact us. We will answer as soon as possibile..

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