Production from fibres and schoddy

TECHNO-PLANTS – manufacturer of equipment for the textile industry.

Thanks to many years of experience (it has been on the market since 1984) and constant development it became leader in their field. They start with design and engineer and finish with commissioning and start-up of complete lines.

Over 30 years of experience gives you guarantee of reliable and efficient production lines.

Manufactured machines:

  • thermobonding lines
  • needlepunching lines
  • cutting sections
  • winding
  • ovens
  • Airlay
  • lamination
  • automatic wrapping
  • palletizing

Producer is offering modern solution for obtaining fibre web, Airlay technology. It can not only replace traditional carding machine but also has many advantages over it. Airlay technology is much more flexible, allows to work in wider range of weights as well as can work not only with good quality fibres but also with materials such as:

  • granulated foam and other materials
  • dust
  • short fibres
  • natural fibres
  • synthetic fibres
  • recycled fibres

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